How can I make notes for myself and my colleagues?

This lesson describes how to add notes to Hexawise plans. Adding comments to Hexawise plans is a quick and easy way to make sure ideas and clarifying questions don't get forgotten.

Hexawise "notes" allow you to add comments and/or questions to plans.

Notes are specific to individual plans. They are located towards the top of the screen.

Click on the "Speech Bubble" to add a note to your plan.

Fill in the details of your note and click the "Create" button.

Keep in mind that anyone with access the plan (including reviewers, etc.) can use this feature. This is usually a good thing.

How many notes have been created for a plan? That information is shown here.

Click on the trashcan icon to delete an existing note.

Click "Yes" in the confirmation dialog to confirm the deletion.

Usage tip: make sure to take good notes when designing your test plans. You'd be surprised how much you forget by the time the next release comes around!