How do I share a project?

This lesson describes how to share a Hexawise project (which will contain one or more test plans).  It also explains the different access levels available when you grant access.

Share a project with someone

First open up the plan you would like to share.

Next, click on "Share" next to the blue shirt dude icon. It will be on the right-hand side of your screen.

If the plan is not yet in a project, you will first need to move it to a project to be shared.

If the plan you're sharing is already in a project, you can skip this step. Please note that all of the plans in the project will be shared because sharing is done in Hexawise "by project" not "by individual plan."

Add an email address and specify what rights you would like to grant.

As explained in the table below, you can select different usage rights based on your preferences.

Usage tip: if you are sharing with someone who is not yet familiar with how to use Hexawise, you might want to select "Can Copy and Comment on Plans." That way, the person you share with will be able to make comments to your plans and ask clarifying questions about it but they will not be able to make changes to your plan.

You can share Hexawise plans via a secret URL.

To create a secret URL that will grant access to anyone who uses the URL, simply click on the radio button shown below. This option appears above the "add an email" sharing option.

Doing this and sharing the secret URL with someone will grant them "Can Copy and Comment on Plans" access.

You can use this sharing option by itself. Or you can use this "secret URL" sharing option in addition to the "invite by email" option.

Some projects cannot be shared

You cannot share plans in the "Sample Plans" project folder. If you want to share a plan that is currently in your Sample Plans, you could do so by copying the plan to a different project and then sharing it.